Enjoy Good Health and Chocolate Too!

Enjoy Good Health
and Chocolate Too!

We want good health and chocolate too! Fortunately research continues to confirm that chocolate can contribute to a wholesome diet.
Many old myths are being dispelled by new medical and scientific facts regarding health and chocolate. We now know that eating modest amounts of chocolate and cocoa products is not adverse to good nutrition. There really are health benefits to eating this delicacy.
Cocoa beansCocoa is produced from the beans of the cocoa plant, which, just like many plants, is a natural source of vital nutrients. The cocoa in cocoa powder and chocolate is a rich source of flavonoids - antioxidant compounds that research has shown appear to be beneficial to the heart and arteries. For more fascinating information comparing the high antioxidant benefits of chocolate to other popular sources like prunes and blueberries.
In addition, chocolate is not high in cholesterol nor does it stimulate production of cholesterol in the body. The cocoa butter in chocolate contains stearic acid, which has a neutral effect on cholesterol levels. Therefore, cocoa butter, which is the primary fat in chocolate, does not raise blood cholesterol levels. In addition, it does not contain trans fat. For further good news information about the "non-impact" of chocolate on cholesterol levels.
A study done by the University of California - San Francisco School of Nursing suggests that eating modest amounts with higher amounts of cocoa – at least seventy percent cocoa content (i.e., dark chocolate) – is beneficial to health. The American Institute for Cancer Research suggests adding a little cocoa powder to savory dishes for a deeper, richer, complex flavor - or put in a shaker and use a dash on eggs, tomato and bean soups, sweet potato or squash for something different.
Every day have a little dark chocolate for health reasons. A half ounce of dark chocolate opens your arteries and reduces your risk of stroke by 8 percent and your overall mortality by 4 percent according to Dr. John La Puma.
A high-quality dark chocolate has only a small amount of sugar and a large amount of nutrients, such as calcium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin A, according to the Chocolate Manufacturer's Association. A 1.4 ounce milk chocolate bar contains about three grams of protein, fifteen percent of the Daily Value of riboflavin, nine percent of the Daily Value for calcium and seven percent of the Daily Value for iron. If almonds and peanuts are added, the nutrients increase, particularly protein.
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