How to clean a choco fountain machine?

DO NOT immerse the base of the fountain in water!!! It is electrical and will be ruined.

  • First, clean the machine as soon as you turn it off. If the chocolate hardens, it will be very difficult to clean. Wear short sleeves, put on a long apron or a garbage bag tunic, and plastic gloves. Gather your equipment and get ready to empty the fountain. You need a ladle and spatula, several garbage bags, empty containers, approximately 30x12x12 to hold the parts; a couple rolls of paper towels or about six clean dish towels

  • Turn the fountain off. With the spatula, scrape off as much excess chocolate as possible into fountain base.

  • Lift off top hat and place into empty container. Pull the auger off of the t-shaft, remove tiers if applicable, and place it in one of the containers. Remove the auger tube by simply pulling it up off the four stainless posts.

  • Clean all parts except the base with hot water, rinse off the parts in the container and place in dishwasher.

  • Empty the base. With ladle, empty all possible chocolate into another container or zippered freezer bags. Wipe out any remaining chocolate with wet clothes.

  • The INSIDE of the bowl can be filled with water for cleaning. DO NOT IMMERSE THE BASE IN WATER!!! Once excess chocolate is out and the base is clean, dry with a cloth or paper towels.

  • Either discard the leftover chocolate or use for other desserts. DO NOT try to reuse/reheat the chocolate in the fountain, it will not work the second time. Never dispose of left over chocolate down a sink drain.

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    Choco Fondue Recipe for Choco Fountain Machine!

    You need 5 to 20 pounds of melted chocolate in place before starting the fountain, depending on the size of the fountain. MICROWAVING or DOUBLE BOILER PREHEATING IS RECOMMENDED.
    Add chocolate carefully. Beginning to melt chocolate you should stir the chocolate frequently, and you may have to melt what the basin can easily hold, and then briefly pump it up into the central cylinder to create enough room to add and melt more chocolate in the basin to complete the proper amount of chocolate needed for smooth even curtains of cascading chocolate.

    DOUBLE BOILER METHOD: For 20 pounds of chocolate, you will need a heat resistant plastic, metal, or stainless container with similar dimensions to 30x12x12, ALSO a metal container with slightly larger dimensions for the hot water bath.
    1. Place 20 pounds of chocolate tablets or pieces into the container measuring 30x12x12.
    2. Then place this container inside the container with the larger dimension on top of stove.
    3. Fill the outside container with water.
    4. Turn on the stove to a medium high flame.
    5. Constantly watch the water bath, refilling as needed to make sure the water does not evaporate.
    6. Stir the chocolate occasionally throughout the melting process.
    7. As it melts smoothly, pour 4 cups of canola oil into the chocolate and stir well.
    8. Your chocolate is now ready for the fountain.
    Additional melted chocolate can be added to a chocolate fountain while it is in use. Also, it is necessary to turn machine off and on for a minute every 20-30 minutes to re-prime the pump, to remove air bubbles and keep the flow consistent.

    MICROWAVING THE CHOCOLATE Pre-melting your chocolate or sauce recipe in a microwaveable zip-lock bag speeds the maintenance of the fountain. The chocolate MUST be placed in the microwave in the bag with the proper amount of oil added (a good estimate is 1/2 cup of vegetable oil per 5 pounds of high quality chocolate) on medium power for 3 minutes. Then the chocolate should be stirred by smashing the bag around- hold in oven gloves, it will be hot- or with a rubber scraper and put back in the microwave. Microwave again on low power for an additional one to three minutes. Carefully pour the melted chocolate into the preheatedfountain, preheated 3-5 minutes at 100 °.
    Any blackening of the chocolate hints that it is burnt, if this occurs, discard it. It will spoil the entire batch.

    If the chocolate starts to harden once the fountain is in operation, turn the heat dial to 180 for several minutes, and add a little bit of vegetable oil. NEVER turn the dial to high heat when using chocolate, as the machine will overheat.


    How to make chocolate fondue at home

    How to make chocolate fondue at home

    A chocolate fondue is guaranteed to please your guests and amazingly simple to prepare and present. Why not try one at home today?

    PmChocolate fondue is such a rich and decadent dessert that most people assume it is too difficult to do at home. Not so!
    This is one of the simplest desserts you can make and yet it never fails to impress. The real magic is in the presentation of the fondue itself.
    Let's begin with the hardware. You'll need a clean, functional fondue pot and a source of heat for it.
    Some fondue pots use Sterno canned fuel while others use tea light candles. Ensure you are familiar with the heat source required for your particular pot.
    It also helps to have a few extra cans of Sterno or candles just in case your guests decide to linger around your fabulous fondue.
    Next, you'll need items to dip. Always look for a variety of colors. We eat first with our eyes, so remember to make your presentation as delicious to the eyes as the chocolate will be to the palate. Some simple items to start with are the standards: strawberries and cubes of cake.
    Ensure that your strawberries have their greens removed and are fresh, clean and dry.
    A wet or mushy strawberry can really ruin the mood.
    Although angel food cake is a lovely idea, it does have a tendency to break up in the fondue, leaving you with lumps in your chocolate and a guest disappointed about the cake that got away.
    Pound cake, on the other hand, holds its shape nicely and is easy to cut into cubes.
    Some other ideas for dippers are:
    Banana slices.
    Use a firm, ripe banana and slice it about one-half to one inch thick. The banana and chocolate combination is quite smooth.
    Kiwi: Peel a whole kiwi, then cut it in half and slice the halves so that you have little half-moon shaped pieces that are about a half-inch thick. The kiwi/chocolate combination is uncommon, yet quite tasty.
    Orange: Peel a seedless orange, tangerine or tangelo and separate the wedges. The combination of chocolate and sweet citrus is most exciting.
    Berries: Blackberries and Raspberries, if they are large and firm, make for lovely dippers.
    Marshmallows: Large marshmallows, dipped in chocolate, are always welcome. If you want to have a little fun with it, consider adding different flavors of graham crackers as well so that your guests can enjoy the ever-popular s'mores.
    Cookies: Nilla Wafers, ladyfingers and peanut butter cookies are always a nice touch.
    When presenting your fondue and dippers, be creative.
    Present your dippers in low glass dishes, baskets made of chocolate or brandy snifters rather than just on everyday plates.
    Consider setting your fondue pot in the center of a lazy Susan and surrounding it with small dishes of dippers. This way your guests can have easy access to the entire selection.
    You could also set your fondue pot up in the center of a low table surrounded with cushions while presenting the dippers on a buffet or counter. Your guests can help themselves to whatever they'd like to dip and then settle in for casual fun on a cushion.
    If you're entertaining a larger group, then a buffet is likely to be your most convenient option. Since fondue is such a hands-on dessert and half the fun is in the dipping, it is generally well suited to smaller groups of 2 to 6 people around a table.
    Finally, we need to prepare the chocolate. Start with 3/4 of a cup of heavy cream. Heat it in a saucepan until it is hot but not boiling. Remove it from heat and then add a 12-ounce bag of semi-sweet chocolate morsels. Allow the morsels to soften in the cream for a few minutes.
    Then add 2 tablespoons of light corn syrup and whisk the three ingredients together. Pour the warm chocolate syrup into your fondue pot and keep it warm over the pot's heating element.
    A chocolate fondue is guaranteed to please your guests and amazingly simple to prepare and present. Why not dust off you fondue pot and plan your next party now?
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