How to clean a choco fountain machine?

DO NOT immerse the base of the fountain in water!!! It is electrical and will be ruined.

  • First, clean the machine as soon as you turn it off. If the chocolate hardens, it will be very difficult to clean. Wear short sleeves, put on a long apron or a garbage bag tunic, and plastic gloves. Gather your equipment and get ready to empty the fountain. You need a ladle and spatula, several garbage bags, empty containers, approximately 30x12x12 to hold the parts; a couple rolls of paper towels or about six clean dish towels

  • Turn the fountain off. With the spatula, scrape off as much excess chocolate as possible into fountain base.

  • Lift off top hat and place into empty container. Pull the auger off of the t-shaft, remove tiers if applicable, and place it in one of the containers. Remove the auger tube by simply pulling it up off the four stainless posts.

  • Clean all parts except the base with hot water, rinse off the parts in the container and place in dishwasher.

  • Empty the base. With ladle, empty all possible chocolate into another container or zippered freezer bags. Wipe out any remaining chocolate with wet clothes.

  • The INSIDE of the bowl can be filled with water for cleaning. DO NOT IMMERSE THE BASE IN WATER!!! Once excess chocolate is out and the base is clean, dry with a cloth or paper towels.

  • Either discard the leftover chocolate or use for other desserts. DO NOT try to reuse/reheat the chocolate in the fountain, it will not work the second time. Never dispose of left over chocolate down a sink drain.

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